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Fill Your Own Bottle Experience
Fill Your Own Bottle Experience

Fill Your Own Bottle Experience

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This exclusive experience involves thieving whiskey straight from three unique Whiskey Blendery Single Barrels.  You will get to taste all three options, fill your own bottle, choose your name, label it, and hand dip your bottle to seal it with wax.

There's a 4-bottle minimum when booking this experience. The cost is $150/per person which includes the experience and one 750ml bottle of cask strength whiskey in the 6-9 year range. We can host 2-12 people at a time. Additional bottles can be purchased at $125. 

Please confirm your date/time is available PRIOR to pre-purchasing your four bottles.  You can do this by emailing us, calling, texting, or swinging by during normal business hours found on our website and Google Maps. We can also accommodate your group after hours in a private setting for an additional room charge. 

Please plan on 60-90 mins for this experience.  There will be time for a Q&A with your host.