Only 50 bottles of our special Father's Day Blend could be made this year. Grab one for your Dad before they are gone!

Producers 88

Producers 88

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This one-of-a-kind blend is a collaboration with DAPL and Plano Whiskey Society. Proceeds from this bottle go to Treasured Vessels Foundation to assist with their efforts to make a difference combating child trafficking.  More specifically, TVF is an anti-trafficking agency providing safe communities that restore survivors of sexual exploitation, serving North Texas, Dallas, Frisco, Collin County, Plano and McKinney. This is our backyard. 

The breakdown of this Wheated Bourbon Blend:

50% 11yr Bourbon

33% 6.5yr Wheat Whiskey

17% 7.5yr High Rye Bourbon

Nose:  Sweet tobacco, deep dark oak, smoked leather, caramelized brown sugar.

Palate:  This whiskey coats the sides of your glassware and runs slowly like a vintage whiskey that has spent many years in the wood.  It drills into the taste buds with the same oily viscosity and mature flavors.  Caramel custard, sweet grains, subtle clove spice, soft and welcoming from start to finish with earthy undertones, truly a throwback to the heavy oil of yesteryear.

Finish:  A seismic shift brings baking spice, sweet corn and tobacco leaf to the surface as you taste this long after your final sip.

Bottled at 109.6 proof and numbered to only 50 bottles.  Distillery and proxy pick up only.  No shipping.  Bottles are limited to 2 per person.