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“Give Me Bourye, Or Give Me Death!”

“Give Me Bourye, Or Give Me Death!”

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This collaboration with DFW and More Moving Co. is a complex 5 barrel blend.  Unconventional and outside the box, it is a cohesive marriage of bourbon and rye for sipping while celebrating the good ol’ USA throughout Independence Day weekend.  An ode to America, this is the spirit to pour at the cookout out, family get together or neighborhood gathering under the lights and sounds of your local pyrotechnic display! 

Nose:  Bright, rye forward, fruity.  Toasted marshmallow, caramelized brown sugar, red fruit and graham cracker.

Palate:  Candy sweet up front, rich caramel and a slight smokey toffee.  Oily and viscous with baking spices exploding like firecrackers on the 4th.  Juicy figs and red fruit jam on the back end.

Finish:  Sustained, lingering balance of sweet and spice with an after taste of cracker jacks and a subtle palate numbing cool spearmint.

Bottled at 114.6 proof with only 75 bottles made.  Distillery and proxy pick up beginning July 4, 2024.  Limit 2 per person.  No shipping.